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Whale Red Wheat Seed:

Whale is a non-bearded, white chaffed soft red winter wheat line made available through Michigan Crop Improvement Association. 

Whale originates from an Indiana breeding program and has adapted well to Michigan. 

Whale is resistant to powdery mildew, septoria leaf blotch, leaf rust and stripe rust. 

Whale is a late season variety with "good" winter hardiness and lodging resistance. 

Whale yielded 88.4 bu/ac in the 2021 MSU multi-county wheat yield trials and has a 3 year average of 94.5 bu/ac.

2021 Michigan State University Wheat Variety Trial Data


Yield - 3 year average Plant Height - 4 yr avg Lodging Score - 2017

0 - 9 Scale with 0=none

94.5 bu/ac 34.6 0.5