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Schmidt Farms of Auburn


John Deere 8100 MFWD  $62,000

This is a 1995 model year with 8342 hours.  We ran it through Bader & Sons shop in Crump last winter and put $8,000 of repairs into this tractor to make sure it's up-to-snuff.  Most of the repairs were to the front end steering cylinders, exhaust and SCV's.  The JD shop dyno'd this tractor at 168 HP.

 It has new duals (18.4R46 rears - 16.9R30 fronts), buddy seat, 3 remotes, Cat III quick hitch, dual speed PTO, Power Shift, 10 front weights and is currently operating with Ag Leader Auto Trac and Versa monitor (not sold with the tractor). 




  We bought this tractor used 3 seasons ago and have used it for pulling a 27' field cultivator and miscellaneous chores requiring GPS.  Matt says the radio only plays Country and Western but I've managed to find Rush Limbaugh without any problem whenever I've been in the tractor.  Overall, it's a nice running tractor.

JD 8100 MFWD fitting ground in front of JD 8320 and JD 1790 planter