Schmidt Farms of Auburn is a centennial farm dating back to 1877.  Situated just a little north-west of Auburn, Michigan, the farm was originally settled by my great grandfather, Frank Skelton, who passed the farm to his son, Melvin.  Melvin, in turn, passed the farm to his youngest daughter, Agness - my mother.

Although the farm currently goes by my last name of Schmidt, it is actually the Skelton farm with a name change mid-way through its history. The farm has only been a "Schmidt" farm since 1940 when mom married Harold - a "city" boy from Auburn.  Mom and dad expanded the original 40 acre farm to 100 acres growing a variety of cash crops while milking ~40 head of dairy cows and raising a family of four children.



Main Farm

Today, the multi-generational farm has grown considerably and specializes in seed production, primarily wheat, oats, black beans, barley and soybeans.  Three generations are presently involved in the farm operation.

Deb and I hope this web site offers some interesting info about us, our farm and the products we offer to our neighbors and others around the state of Michigan.


Chris Schmidt



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